Sunday, March 06, 2011


Last week I travelled to " The Hop " in Leeds to meet up with my old friend Chris ( Pictured on the right of me in photo). He was playing at the bar so it was a chance to see him in action & catch up. It was great to see him & he has not changed too much, greyer in places but still the same ebullient character.

The lower Briggate area of the city has changed so much in my time away, it is full of apartments, has been cleaned up & an area of the city that was unused has been given a new lease of life. So different from the demise of the Piece Hall in Halifax that I witnessed a few weeks ago.

So after enjoying Chris play his set, we agreed to go to their's this coming Monday for dinner, it will be a very talkative & entertaining evening I have no doubt.

Listening to:

Angels & Airwaves
White Lines

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