Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mange Tout ?

Last night I attended a charity dinner at a local Hotel, featuring a lauded chef who I had never heard of, well I have been away for a long time ! It was a pleasant enough evening made better by the company of friends which was helpful as the meal itself left a little to be desired.

Now I know that it is very churlish & poor form to criticise food presented at a fund raising dinner, but as this particular evening had been sold on the demonstration of the chef's culinary skills & advertised his cookery school, I see no reason to hold back.

The food was mediocre if I am been honest,a bland starter of 1 small kebab, a tiny slice of cold ham & a meatball made from rhubarb & Pork which was served cold, tasting of cold pork fat.

The main course was chicken served with a chocolate sauce...I know, I know... it was served in a bowl, a piece of roasted chicken with a mud coloured sauce dumped on top of it, no presentation, no finesse & tasted way too sweet to be enjoyable. Alarm bells rang when on cutting in to the chicken it was a cheap cut that had been undercooked, rendering it inedible.

After a break, we were served the best course of the evening, local cheese & biscuits the cheese was exceptional, but spoilt by not providing enough biscuits for our table of twelve. When we asked for more we were advised that " the chef had put the biscuits away " so we persisted, minutes later we were grudgingly presented with more.

I am glad the charity in question raised money, we gladly contributed to that, but if I had known what the quality of the meal was going to be like I would have stayed home & cooked my own dinner.

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