Sunday, September 13, 2009


Prompted by comments from Yorkshire Pudding regarding music on my blog, I have set up an account at Last FM, if you click on The Heat Distance link in the LINK sidebar you will be able to listen to selected tracks from 2 of my previous collections, as well as downloading them for free.I will be adding more as I get around to it & will advise everyone when they have been posted so you can avoid them in good time.

Please leave comments & don't be afraid to criticize as I retain the artistic privilege of completely ignoring them at my leisure.

In answer as well to Mr Puddings comments, no you cannot post MP3s to blogger at this time unless you have access to a server which I do not. Still I hope this solution answers some questions as to what I sound like. This blog will never be the same.

Album art & more info will be added to the link as I get time. Please be patient.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thanks David. It's great that you are okay about showcasing your musical talent through your blog. Who knows...perhaps someone with far more media influence than me will be listening. Just listened to "The Spaces In Between" and "Wishes" - all I can say is bravo!