Sunday, August 30, 2009

Les Paul has sadly passed away, although I was never a fan of his playing I am a fan of his inventions.

The Gibson guitar he gave his name to remains for me an icon of modern rock music, from the first time I saw one in the hands of Marc Bolan, through Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Paul Kossoff, Slash and many others. Without Les Pauls vision of inventing the electric guitar there would still be rock music, but it would have taken a whole lot longer to become the popular form that we know today.

The second invention is even more significant; multitrack recording. Which he pioneered with finance from of all people Bing Crosby. You cannot listen to a single piece of recorded music today, that does not make use of multi tracking. It is such a fundamental tool of working in the studio. It adds so many options to a musician, imagine an artist only been allowed to work in primary colours & never mix them, multi tracking to a musician is the same thing.

So good bye to yet another innovative genius,

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