Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spinning Sideways

She walks in to the room,
And the world spins sideways.
Aboard a ship lost at sea,
Guided by one stars rays.

Don't stop, Spinning sideways
I love, Spinning sideways.

Alcohol gives me a buzz,
Sends my senses reeling.
But the best sensation is,
when we're spinning sideways.

The planet revolves around the sun,
Spinning as it goes,
I revolve here on earth,
as above, so below.

New attractions come & go
My interests change daily.
I confess I'm hooked on you,
You've got me spinning sideways.

Don't stop, spinning sideways
I love, spinning sideways

1 comment:

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Tell her to stop guzzling cheap vodka if she wants to stop spinning sideways! ...I repeat my challenge - Let's get some of your songs accessible through the blog. It's not rocket science and after all sheep counting surely gets tiresome after a few years.