Sunday, August 23, 2009


I learnt a lot this week:

I learnt that what you take for granted can be taken away, without any explanation.
I learnt that what you thought was true, because teachers told you it was so.... Can also be wrong,they are only human.

I learnt that my daughters last music lesson consisted of watching the movie "School of rock " I don't care about the movie,it is crap ...what I care about is the fact that this was a " Music" lesson. No one in the room touched an instrument…

I am not a parent who has ever pushed my kids towards music, I would never want my kid hanging out with musicians because I know them for the scoundrels they are....What I hate ... Strong word...I know...Is that watching this piece of third rate Hollywood drivel, somehow makes kids who make the effort to go to music lessons in to " musicians " ?
Where is your passion ?

I Hated music at school because it was.... " It's Beethoven....Your not "

My daughter has expressed a wish to take up Bass Guitar, something unthinkable in my school, I have given her an instrument, so far in " Music " she has not taken it, nor played it, she has however, listened to a lot of Bob Marley albums...Her music teacher has charged me fee's for this course,I see nothing in it that will make her want to waste her time next term.

A shame because of a lacklustre master, she will move on & he will continue to bore countless thousands with his indescribable mediocrity..which of course we pay for....

Listening to:

The sound of Australians weeping...

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yeah! Australians Weeping - they're a great band! I saw them in concert once. I think Ricky Ponting is an amazing tambourine player. They were supporting England's Glory - an even better band. Stuart Broad on the howitzer was fantastic.