Sunday, May 03, 2009


What can I say about my bass playing friend ? Simply; I love him & Linda. They put me up in their room at the top of their house, care bear quilt & all. Those years when rehearsals meant a 2 hour trip from Leeds to Scarborough by train. Cars were in short supply... He along with Linda fed me, kept me warm, picked me up at the station then transported me to gigs & rehearsals sometimes, three times a week. They listened to my unfeasible complaints (" I am an ARTIST...we do have rights....they have NO right to abuse my lyrics like that etc etc...") They listened to all my crap, then like some wayward son they FED me ! Warm genuine Yorkshire food which is always the way to the singers heart.

we would show up to gigs a good 30 minutes before everyone else..which meant I would then go find a quiet place to enjoy a pre gig spliff...I am sure the band knew I did this, but champions that they are they never complained.
Then showtime ! On we would go for the first of our 45 minute sets, in the interval I would repeat my illegal behaviour for set 2. After it would be a couple of post gig libations then back to Miffs for a feast & some sleep.

The next day the train to Leeds would be slow.. everything lacking phase, including my mind, as I tried to adjust from musician to restaurant manager for 160 staff & the horrors of catering. As store manager I could usually arrange my time so I was available for gigs...It meant generally that I would have to schedule every Saturday & Friday for myself until I wanted time off. Rehearsal time was never an issue after all who wants Tuesday off ?

My friend & bass playing buddy Miff was always there, later when I graduated to a car, those times stayed with me, even now when I talk to Linda or Miff we joke about the "Care Bear" quilt. I talk about this because he has just sent me EVERYTHING we recorded together, including a DVD of our tenth anniversary gig...warts is a lot to take in...the music has aged ..although some of this stuff is relevant even now....20 years later.

Watching and listening to this material I feel proud of the work we did together & the friendships we forged over those ten years....

I want you to know Miff....You will pay for this, you will be in a future boy band...

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