Friday, April 24, 2009


Don't you just love pea's ?

Eaten raw from the pod..tasting like asparagus (a vegetable my family were never introduced to).
I use them every chance I get, raw in salads, steamed & mashed with fish, after all, mushy peas are just an English take on Indian Daal.
The simple but exquisite pea. It made a princess give up her bed, it can make any meal predominately red, in to one that has colour, well at least two....
I remember days at my Grandmothers home "shelling" peas grown in the garden and the way they tasted. Each one promising, each one reminding me of the summer passed. Memories like that are stored in your taste data file, released only when you catch a glimpse of them in other peoples cooking. Like smells, or Music, those senses have the ability to liberate you from the now, in to times gone by.

But peas ???? What the Hell !!

Yes! A pea can do this for me, once liberated from the pod, uncooked and in its raw state, one taste & I am in my grandmothers kitchen. She is telling me not to eat too many or I will explode, ( adult logic is crazy...don't watch the TV your eyes will get bad, don't hunch you will get a hunch back, Do as I say not as I do ??? WTF !!! )
Needless to say I used to eat so many I did explode.

But like her blackberry & apple pie, her home home grown peas had to be eaten there & then they were too good to be cooked.I miss my gran, she never understood me ( how could she ? ) but she tolerated me in so many ways that my own mother even now cannot. Gee ! All this came from eating peas ???

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice post David. You seem to be getting all nostalgic these days but that's okay. Although we are here in the present we spend our entire lives interpreting the past. I love peas too. I could never have battered fish and chips without peas on the side - preferably of the mushy variety....

Daphne said...

I love raw peas - they are better than any sweets. When they're in season I buy huge bagfuls and eat them all raw. I like cooked peas too, and mushy peas, but raw are my favourites. I agree, they taste of childhood, in a good way.