Saturday, April 05, 2008


Well a lot has happened this last few weeks, I resigned from my latest job as it really was not what I wanted.
I felt as if I had been cheated as there was no autonomy, no real challenge; in fact, I was in danger of becoming a bean counter rather than a freight forwarder. No real loss to me on leaving, I just think in the interview the company oversold the importance of the work involved & the idea that it was a "team" enviroment. A more self centred, selfish unhelpful bunch of co workers I have yet to encounter.

So I am in the middle of hunting again, this time with an eye to just exactly what I am been offered, however as this is New Zealand & my industry is woefully short of skilled people I wont be kicking my heels for very long.
It is a simple fact of working life here that there are just not enough people around for the work on offer.

In other parts of my life things are pretty much the same as I move towards my end of year goal, now fired with a resolve to make it happen as soon as possible. It is something I need to do so badly, although the waiting is a lot like Christmas, it is there at the end of the year with hopefully a very big surprise present waiting for me.
Sorry that I cant let you in my secret just yet, but who knows I may divulge all towards the end of this year.

Music has been buzzing through my head all week & I have committed some time to my studio, managing to burn a collection of instrumental music to CD entitled "Written in vapour". It clears my hard drive of tracks I have been working on for the past year, I had been mixing this stuff for months but as with all pieces I never feel they are truly finished, but have to recognise that I can't keep remixing forever. Next up is a collection of songs...yes songs.. melody's, lyrics… you know, stuff with a chorus & a middle eight. I have 6 of these more or less completed, now I just need to write some more, inspiration however is never far away in the form of my muse.

Listening to:

New Young Puritans


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Free? Saw them in concert maybe six times. They were such a tight little band. Paul Rodgers up front was an amazing bluesy singer and then there was young Kossof who died and Andy Fraser on bass and I forget who the drummer was - Simon something I think... "My Brother Jake". Jobwise - perhaps you could apply for PM of NZ and pass some new laws about the dangers of sheep shagging. In fact that could be an invitation for a new song. It would appeal to the NZ sheep farming community..
"I saw her standing in a flock
Made my member hard as rock
Said I'd shear her in the Spring
And together we would sing -
Baaaaaaaaaah! Baaaaaaaaah!
Sleeping with a sheep!"

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