Sunday, April 13, 2008


My recent comments regarding a secret destination I am saving for has generated a number of comments & e-mails with wild guesses as to what the outcome of my journey might be. feel I should encourage this, extensive reading of my blog will yield a few clues, after all it is no secret that I have a yen to visit Japan. Then again, you could try a process of elimination;I have already visited a great deal of Europe,I have been to Thailand, USA ( a very small part of it ), Seychelles & Australia. So there are still a few places left for me to visit world wide, it could be to a neighbourhood near you !

Sad to see that Pete Doherty is beginning a jail sentence in the UK for drug abuse, while I do not condone his behaviour, it did strike me that artists have always relied on different chemical stimulants for inspiration. It just seems that indulging in illicit drugs these days carries a much greater penalty than in the past, not just that you might lose your liberty for breaking the law of the land, but that you also put your life on the line. I was also made to smile by a comment from Mick Jones of the Clash who astutely pointed out that there are more drugs available in prison than outside of it.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Where are you going to? I am guessing Afghanistan where you will be lured into Taliban target practice. Arcane Engima? Take that you moustachioed infidel! BOOOM!