Sunday, March 23, 2008


Sometimes with the best will in the world you make a mistake & it haunts you.
It can be a small insignificant error or oversight. Then like a snowball rolling down the hill it turns in to an avalanche. I was guilty of such a thing this weekend & before I knew it, I was engulfed, consumed by my lack of judgement.

Then the voice of your conscience begins to turn up the guilt speech in your head until it drowns out everything else. The reruns of the choice you took, the what if, why didn't I ? After an interminable length of this comes the eating of humble pie, which in my case is a large slice, with a side portion of apology sauce.

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Laura Marling
Bill Nelson


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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Intrigued. I can't imagine how you put your foot in it. But you're right - we will often walk into foolish traps of our own making. In the end we must balance the good we did against the hurt we caused and perhaps spend much more time dwelling on the positive stuff instead of beating ourselves up for the gaffes.