Sunday, November 26, 2006


I received an e-mail from a friend in the UK this morning bemoaning the fact that another favourite song had been covered by another popular band in the vague, misguided hope that it would lend them some credibility.

Here is my own favourite list of covers that always induce me to either fits of derisive laughter or the bucket of bile. (You can disagree or add a personal horror story of your own). These are in no order at all as they are all worthless crap.

The Tide is high: Atomic Kitten.

They could not even leave the lyrics alone …. Words fail me…
Blondie’s version was not bad; the original by The Paragons is a classic.

Ronan Keating: Fairy tale of New York

Roland is a serial abuser of good songs, in this one he does not even have the guts to keep in the word faggot... changing it to haggard, talentless tosser, I know someone who will never forgive him for covering “ Iris “ by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jessica Simpson: These Boots are Made for Walkin’

I couldn’t think of worse experiences sonically, other than been trapped in a room with James Blunt ( who my daughter calls Gemma )

Limp Bizkit : Behind Blue Eyes

Take a song about the soulful searching for an explanation to ones life & give it to a bunch of musical hacks; who didn’t even have the decency to leave in the middle 8 with its song turning lyric. Like giving flowers to an ape…..

Michael Bolton: Sitting on the Dock of the bay


G&R : Knocking on Heaven's Door

Annoying piece of crap, why take a whining ballad & add more whining to it ?? Piece of advice here guys; extended guitar solo’s do not a great song make, also you can only repeat a tedious chorus so many times before it becomes nauseous. I like G&R, so I have to accept it as a poor judgement call.

I give in, I can’t go on with this list Oh ! The Humanity !!

Listening to.. I’m having my ears syringed


Giselle said...
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Radmila said...

Phil Collins and Motown...OMG...

I'm every woman Whitney Houston couldn't even bother to change a single thing about the song.
I still liked Chaka Khans version much better.

Your comment on Michael Bolton...LOL classic

Giselle said...
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