Thursday, November 23, 2006


U2 are in town for a concert & you would think royalty has arrived, though to be honest I would be more likely to show up for Bono than the Queen.
Every time we have one of these events, the crap state of Auckland’s outdated infrastructure causes grief. I anticipate that the drive home this evening is going to take forever. As the motorways clog up the rain that is forecast this evening will slow us down even more. Add to this the fact that the only road linking the airport where I work to my home is closed for repair & you have a season in hell lined up.
The extra pressure is also added to the mix in the form of my children who have to be collected from after school care before 18.00 or we incur fines.
Still on a positive note it has been fun spending the week with them while H is in Australia.

The weekend is on its way & if the weather remains fine I have a long walk planned out at Manukau heads across the dunes on the way up to Kare kare. Fingers crossed for fine weather…

Listening to

The Killers
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Be Bop Deluxe
The Chemical Brothers

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Jill said...

We (in Christchurch) are enjoying warm sunny the moment! Wish U2 were coming here...nearly got a ticket but the b..... sold the ticket to someone else for more money!!