Friday, August 04, 2006


To help you all speak Kiwi :

Arvo: Afternoon

Box of Fluffies : cheerful, happy, very good

Brekkie: breakfast

Bach: A holiday home.

Barbie: A barbecue or shortened to BBQ.

Bludge: To sponge off others. ie. Someone receiving the dole (social welfare benefit)

Chilly Bin: An insulated box for keeping beer or food cool. In Australia it's known as an esky.

Chook: chicken

Choice: very good

Chunder: To be sick or vomit. Describes both the act and the resulting mess.

Dag: Someone who's funny, or a bit of a character.

Dairy: A corner store.

: A small dent in your car. If it was in your door, you'd say your car had a small ding in the door.

Dunny: A toilet.

Eh: Said like the letter 'a', this is often used at the end of sentence to prompt a question. For example, "That's a pretty cool car eh". Also replaces the word 'what?' if you didn't hear someone.

Footy: Rugby union or rugby league.

Get off the grass: exclamation of disbelief; equivalent to "stop pulling my leg" and "no way"

Gumboots: Wellingtons, rubber boots, wellies

Hard Case: Someone who is fun to be with, often comical, a bit of a battler. Generally used in a positive way

Heaps: Lots of. ie. I have heaps of marbles.

Hokey Pokey: A gold coloured candy. A favourite New Zealand ice-cream flavour.

Hottie: A hot water bottle.

Ice block: A popsicle. A block of flavoured ice on a stick.

Jandals: flip-flops.

Kai: Food

Kia Ora: Indiginous Maori greeting. Propounced as spelt, accent on 'Ki-ora'. 'Ki' as in 'he' and 'ora' as in 'borer'. -

L&P: Lemon and Paeroa - New Zealands own soda.

Lollies: Candy

Pack a sad : Sulk

Pavlova or Pav: A meringue pudding with fruit and cream filling.

Pakeha: non-Maori person

Puku: From the maori language, your puku is your stomach.

Pushing shit uphill with a shovel: Hopeless. Or being up against the odds. For example, if there was no chance of you winning a running race you'd be pushing shit uphill with a shovel even trying

Rattle your dags: Get a move on.. Hurry up. From the sound of rattling dry dags on a running sheep.

Skite: Showing off or flaunting one's achievements

Snarky: mixture of sarcastic and nasty

Spit the dummy : Get upset

Stubbie: Small bottle of beer

Whanau: Family. Used in all sorts of contexts, including immediate and extended families, colleagues, sports teams pronounced Far now

Wop-Wops: In the middle of nowhere.

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