Monday, August 07, 2006


A friend in the UK sent me an e-mail detailing a wedding she is due to attend later this year. As I read through the list of events & the sheer logistics involved putting this gig on (which would have troubled U2’s road crew). It got me thinking about my own marriage to H in 1991.

We married in the Seychelles Prompted by the opportunity to be there alone we took advantage of the moment. So the wedding dress along with the cake were made by friends & transported there in luggage. Our witnesses were 2 people in our tour group; everything was set up within 3 weeks before arrival in to Mahe.

On the morning of our wedding day, we went scuba diving, returning to the Hotel to dry off then get changed. The service was simple, attended by hotel guests, who took heaps of spontaneous pictures which they kindly sent to us on our return to the UK.

It was the most pleasant stress free day you could imagine, every time I see a TV show showing couples putting themselves under enormous pressure for the sake of appearances, family & friends I get the feeling they miss the point.

The day is only really about 2 people & how they feel. I will dig out a picture of that day for posting later …. Oh ! I almost forgot; I told my parents when I got back.

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