Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I called another call centre today in the USA I was put on immediate hold as the person who answered went to ask for some advice on how to resolve my freight delay.

As I waited I was subjected to a hold advertisement boasting about how efficient, helpful & pro active this company was. Yet they had stuffed up my freight delivery big time!

Did it not occur to any of the marketing whiz kids out there that this ploy is a little inappropriate? Especially when as a customer, I am going to advise them in no uncertain terms that they are far from helpful, efficient & pro active? I will also be advising them that their service recovery sucks. Maybe they should find something a little more soothing for the client.

I then began to think about inapropriate hold music....

You keep me hanging on
Call me
Hanging On The Telephone
Tired Of Hanging Around
Don't Call Me I'll Call You

The list is endless......

In another life, I had a blissful weekend with the children as well as a boozy evening watching the All Blacks play Australia in the Tri Nations & yet again retain the Bledisloe Cup. It was a great close game much better than watching a walk over.

Talking of walkover's I have a free weekend looming & I intend to walk all over a bush track in the Waitakere Ranges this weekend. Armed with back pack, camera & micro cassette.

Listening to

Danny Elfman
The Tragically Hip
Artic Monkeys
David Sylvian
John Foxx


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