Friday, June 09, 2006


Yet another late & crumpled entry to my blog. Sorry dear readers but I have been dealing with a few issues concerning my family of late.

In other news… the winter months are now upon us & with it comes the start of the international rugby season. First up to face the Mighty All Blacks are the Irish who it seems fancy their chances, don’t hold your breath.

The shortest day will appear on the 21 June & after that we can look forward to the nights becoming lighter, I cannot believe that this year is flying by so quickly.

I am undergoing a seriously long bout of writers block at the moment but it will pass as all things do & then I can get back to composing music & dreaming the days away again.

This weekend I am going to do something I have wanted to do for a while, I am going to catch the train from Waitakere to Auckland central for a day browsing the CD selection at Real Groovy Records & the Books at Borders. Two of my favourite pastimes. I can lose myself in any music store at any time. In New Zealand the majority of music stores sell only the top 20 & a limited back catalogue. There is no HMV or Virgin megastore type of outlet here at all. So I was resigned to watching my CD collection remain static or grow slowly until I discovered Real Groovy records, a store that sells not only new CD’s but imports as well as vast quantities of second hand CD’s & Vinyl. In other words collector’s heaven!!

The other part of this story involves traveling by train for the first time in NZ, there is a simple explanation for this delay in using this time honored form of transport…In Auckland public transport sucks. But petrol prices & the high cost of parking are even worse. So the train is looking a good option these days.

Listening to

Artic Monkeys
Peter Tosh
The Who
Bruce Springsteen
Kaiser Chiefs

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Paul Richardson said...

Good to see you back on the blog David - enjoy the record store.
I was chatting to Gina Waites (Now Patterson) at a gig of ours the other day. Memories......