Monday, June 12, 2006


The weekend was just a blur my friends…. A successful blur though.

A rusty All Blacks side beat a very competitive Irish Team who really took it to the AB’s. It was only the fact that thay could not sustain their performance for 80 minutes that allowed us the victory. The second test this weekend has the potential to be a stormer.

If Paraguay had shown the same determination against England in the World Cup, I would be commiserating with my friends over there. Not too sure how England’s form has been in these last months as no one in New Zealand is really interested in games involving a round ball, but from what I saw it looks pretty much like they will be going home after the quarter finals, regardless of the presence of Rooney or not.

I began recording again as well on Sunday, it started by re approaching a piece I had worked on & put aside last year.
After one listen I was away down another tangent with the piece, the end result been that only the opening riff survived a very brutal re write. I have put this aside for re appraisal at a later date, but it has opened the door to the muse once more.

Listening to

Cold Snap City… new track…….

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