Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Jimmy & myself would go out drinking on Friday evenings to a bar in Wakefield known locally as “ The Mid”.

The Mid was not a plastic, PC conforming sterile fun pub.

It was a BAR full of dangerous characters who like unexploded ordnance, could go off at any minute.

I can’t say the beer was any good, but the jukebox was the BEST.
We spent many a hot summer night in that bar & the funny thing was we never felt in any danger.
I don’t know if the MID exists in Wakefield any more, but I can still recall those nights drinking , listening to music & then running across town to make the last bus home some eight miles away.

One night we didn’t even bother with the bus; we walked home, such is the attitude of youth. These days I want the transport home planned out BEFORE I set foot out of the door.

We met many wonderful characters there & some very nice accommodating female ones too. I have to smile when I think about Jimmy sitting outside in the car park learning what Hendrix was talking about when he sang “ Purple Haze “ especially

“ ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky ! “

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Anonymous said...

Oh the Mid exists in the form of the Priory Bar now. All snazzy and plastic