Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well hello again, reports of my demise are somewhat premature.

However, if news reports from the radio this morning are to be believed, it is no thanks to our civil defence authorities. They responded to a tsunami warning issued at 04.00 am today some 2 hrs after it was due to strike. Go figure.

Seen on the way to the airport this morning:
A woman in a car behind me driving. At the same time she was , drying, brushing & tying back her hair. She then proceeded to apply makeup.
I changed lanes to a slower one.

Other things….

I make a point of answering every e-mail I receive, I get annoyed when I respond & then hear nothing. I then worked out that what happens is that people just want to know if you’re still alive. They send a message, you reply & everything is OK in their universe for another ten years or so.

My ideal would be that they send a message you reply & then have the opportunity to build up a dialogue over the course of time, which might reveal insights in to each others lives.

I have been taking a rest from music these past weeks; can you believe I have actually spent time lyric writing? Normally I just adlib lyrics in to shape once I have a basic rhythm track & melody in place. This return to writing has been inspired by re reading Jimmy Webb’s “ Songsmith” an excellent read for anyone who wants to hone their skills in this area.

Well time to go until the next seriously intermittent update, I will get back in to the discipline of updating more frequently soon……

Listening to:

Frank Zappa
Artic Monkeys
Kaiser Chiefs
Milltown Brothers
The Checks

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