Thursday, March 09, 2006


I will be on leave again next week in an effort to provide some quality time for my rellies who are in the middle of their 8 week stay in Godzone.

First up will be the Pacifica Festival this week in Auckland. Where all our Pacific Island communities come together, for a weekend of Music, Arts Dance, and Food & Food.
An estimated 200,000 people will be attending so it promises to be busy but fun.

After that who knows… depends on the weather & how far they want to travel. The week will however, end on Sunday 19th when hopefully Caits & myself will take part in the annual Round the Bays fun run.
Significant because it marks the official beginning of autumn.

I promise to take the camera to post as many pictures as I can for you all to see. In the meantime, stay safe have fun and for our Northern Hemisphere readers;

“Don’t eat the yellow snow “.

Listening to

Frank Zappa
Artic Monkeys
Greg Johnson
Jake Thackeray
Living Colour
Peter Tosh