Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This week I completed 5 years of employment with my present company.

This joyous celebration will be marked by a week’s National holiday & spontaneous carnivals; NOT.

Instead I will receive a certificate, a watch of my choosing & an extra week’s holiday.

Out of all these wonderful accolades I think the extra week’s holiday will go down best. In NZ annual leave is restricted to only 3 weeks per year, quite a culture shock for someone arriving here from the UK where you get  4 weeks.

The thought that crosses the dangerous motorway of my mind is;
In the past you had to toil at a company for 25 years before you got any recognition for loyalty. Is it a sign of the times that employees have the attention span of a goldfish
Moving from company to company in an attempt to achieve the bigger better deal?

Or is it a clever ploy by the company, to reward you in small stages as you achieve landmarks, rather than a reward at the very end?

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Artic Monkeys
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Jaco Pastorious
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