Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well, it's good to be back, the rellies have jetted off in to the sunset for another 2 years & the children are away in Hamilton with the outlaws for the school holidays. My life is back to been my own ( heaves heavy sigh of relief).

The Autumn is progressing well & the nights are closing in a little. However no one seems to have told the weather, which is still very enjoyable especially for those long walks during the afternoon at weekends.

Another e-mail dropped in my in tray a few weeks ago, from Jimmy, an old friend. I had not forgotten him, but it has been 9 years since we last spoke. It was during the week I left for New Zealand. I always had good times with him sorry to say that in these overtly PC times most of this fun would be considered inappropriate today ! I will however relate some adventures in later posts, like the time walked 6 miles to town to save the price of a pint of beer, or the time we drove around our home town with a stuffed kangaroos head attached to the bonnet ( Hood ).

Well gotta go my in box states I have 587 e-mails to read !!