Thursday, October 20, 2005


This is not an easy update to put out on the web but it is something that I think I need to do for myself. Regular readers will have seen the entry a while ago, stating I had not updated my Blog, due to personal business that needed to be attended to.

That personal business was my own state of mind. It seems that for years I have suffered from depression without even knowing it. Things came to a head during that week, when the sheer weight of bad stuff happening to me caused me to pull the telephone from my wall on Monday morning & crawl in to my own hell.

It was only the intervention of “H” 3 days later that saved both me & my career. She took me to the doctor on Thursday morning & I was diagnosed with clinical depression. It seems that my body has a problem making an adequate supply of serotonin which leads to peaks & troughs in my moods.

I am now on medication ( No not prozac ) to help with serotonin production & I have to say I feel great. It has led me to evaluate things that have happened to me in the past & I can now easily pinpoint some of my behaviour to this illness.

There its done & its out there. I may talk more about this in later posts but for now it is enough to have made it this far.

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Sam Hirst said...

Good luck Dave, and you're a top geezer for talking about it. Suffice to say that you have friends on here that understand. I was on medication for a while when I had serious shit in my life, another of your friends on here will empathise greatly too, but I'll leave that to him.

Take it easy!

Paul Richardson said...

hi david

Sam is referring to me.

I spent around 2 years off work with a sometimes severe depression. Like you I took Serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I will email you with my home number so you can call if you need to.

On the upside, whilst never cured as such, I am now a happy guy who has the odd bad day intead of the other way round.

give yourself as much time as you need and remember its an illness.


Radmila said...

It's more common than you think.
It's something people don't like to talk about.
My mother has suffered with clinical depression since I was a little girl. Only for her, when she was hospitalized, she received shock treatments.
Thank goodness there are people out there, specialists who work to destignatize clinical depression.