Thursday, October 27, 2005


I was driving home on Monday evening listening to the radio, thinking about what I should cook for dinner. All the usual stuff that goes through your mind in-between work & home.
There was a thud on the near side front wheel, the next thing I knew the car had veered to the left, mounted the kerb & began sliding headlong down a steep drop in to the bush.
The first thought that crossed my mind as I frantically pumped the brakes & wrestled with the steering was “I am going to hit a tree “.
I missed the tree….just… it struck the near side of the car & took out the windscreen, the car finally came to rest approximately 1 metre from some guy’s front door.

I could not believe my luck as I stepped from the mess, that I did not have a mark on me. That lasted 5 seconds as I got on my knees & threw up.

The only good thing about the incident was that it was not my car, mine was in the shop & I was driving a courtesy car. The reason for the crash? The front wheel on the near side fell off!!!

There but for the grace of God


Paul Richardson said...

Glad to hear your ok. Some courtesy car!! What did the garage say?

You need to be careful using terms like 'There but for the grace of god' The Erics will decend on your blog and have a public falling out about the existence,or otherwise, of the almighty! (teehee)

You have certainly had quite a challenging time recently, but its good to see you keeping things in perspective.


big sexy dave said...

who's this gracey god woman?
sounds like trouble to me
just be glad you were'nt drink driving or you would have got your trousers all wet