Thursday, September 29, 2005


I could not log on to my computer this morning, I turned to the IT department who are located behind me , protected by a plate glass window & motioned to the inaction on my screen.
I was greeted with the thumbs up & a smirk which could only be interpreted as F**K Off.

In order to get someone to come to my aid, (please bear in mind these guys sit only 2 metres away from me separated by a glass window) I had to call Australia on a business rate call.I was on hold for 10 minutes, listening to my own companies hold advertisements !!

The person I spoke to “ logged “ my request & after hanging up, the person I had initially motioned to about the problem, came to my desk to fixed it FFS !!!!

Listening to
Jaco Pastorius
Jeff Beck


big sexy dave said...

hello again
nice to find someone else who has heard more than one or two sangs by the oils, have you heard much?
i can always send you some over by email
the rest of my top 5 will be on erics soon
c ya

Radmila said...


Sam Hirst said...

Dave, check the Erics site, Paul's a dad again, and the baby is gorgeous. 46 as well, who'd have thought eh?!