Thursday, September 29, 2005


As regular visitors to this blog know, I write & record my own music for my pleasure in my home studio. I have performed with numerous bands in the UK but quit playing when I emigrated to New Zealand.

The home studio was something that had been running parallel to my live work. Once I stopped performing it was something I could focus on much more acutely.

Recently I have been in contact with some old friends back in the UK.
A thought occurred to me, after I e-mailed one of them an MP3 of a track we had recorded together, way back when Kylie was auditioning for Neighbors. My feelings about MP3 downloads run along the lines of “the greedy music industry should have seen that one coming “. As well as deciding a long time ago, that music should be put out there for people to download providing the artist who created it agreed.

A good friend of mine in Melbourne tried to set this idea up some time ago, where you could post your original music for free download. People really didn’t get the concept at the time, as Napster was still been written.

I checked some sites out today that do allow you to store & download a limited amount of material. but without a context it can be difficult to know what you are getting.

With that in mind,for those who are interested to know what my music sounds like. I will list a number of tracks I have recorded , add a little description for context & if you want to either hear it or just check out my voice. Leave me an e-mail address, title of your choice & I will mail it to you.

Listening to

Billie Myers
Paul Kelly
Kaiser Chiefs
Steely Dan
Danny Elfman

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