Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sorry for the lack of communication over the last week, had some personal business to attend to which has taken up a considerable amount of time.

Firstly, I would like to extend my congratulations to my friend Paul & his partner Ruth on the arrival of their daughter Sophie; both as far as I can gather are doing well.

Here in Auckland we have experienced severe storms causing power lines & tree’s to be uprooted. Nothing compared to those poor souls caught up in the recent Earthquakes.

In my studio I now have around 12 ambient / instrumental pieces,which I am going to transfer to CD.I will then erase the masters of these tracks so that it is a stand alone record of last years work.

I have kept the best 5 vocal tracks , but dont hold you breath for them to be completed ! summers coming which means days at the beach in the surf, long treks through the bush, kayaking, mountain biking , late lunches & evening BBQ’s

Listening to
The Who
Paul Kelly
Bic Runga
John Foxx
Brian Eno


Paul Richardson said...

Hi David

yes everything is going well with Sophie. Ruth is tired but is also well.

Thanks for your good wishes.

ps When did you move to NZ and why? was it work or a fresh start or family?

also did I mention that my exJill lives there now also? sorry should really have put these questions in an email.

Phileric said...

Dave - thanks for the comments on the footy. My email address is if you are OK to whizz me down some stuff you recorded

big sexy dave said...

there are babies/nappies/puke and piles everywhere you look over here