Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I Was looking up a little of my past by visiting my old school's website in Leeds today. I was amazed by the number of people whose names I remembered. As I now live approx 12,000 miles away I thought it safe to post some details to see if anyone contacts me.

This got me thinking about why we do this...

Is it a curiosity to see if other peoples lives turned out better or worse than our own ?

Is it the need for a yardstick to measure our lives against ?

Simple nosiness or a genuine need to meet up with old friends ?

I must confess to wanting to contact my old pals to see if we can get a dialogue going about how things have turned out. The added bonus is that I won't have to attend class reunions !!

You may also want to amuse yourselves by guessing which one is me in the photograph.

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The Milltown Brothers
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Radmila said...

Have you ever seen the documentary "seven"?