Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It has been a strange surreal weekend. I am currently without my car & to make matters tougher I had the children staying as well. So I thought:

" We had best not let the lack of transport spoil things, we can use the bus !! "

We set off for the local shopping centre on Saturday, to give Caitlin & Joshua an opportunity to spend their pocket money. The bus there was easy & on time it was great ! We hit the shops spending to our hearts content, then set off back to our home. The time for the bus to arrive came & went without a sniff of one.
Eventually 20 minutes after the deadline had elapsed we got a taxi instead.

So Sunday arrived, we attempted to catch a bus to Titirangi village.Intending to visit the local craft market & to get a few supplies. We waited over 1.5 hours for the non existent Sunday service, that although scheduled, had been cancelled. So I called a cab company who promptly forgot all about the concept of a cab i.e. You have to pick up customers to make money & never turned up.

I called them again they were not in the least apologetic,so I called their competitor who arrived within 10 minutes & soon we were in the village. When the time came to set off home, I have to be honest, I was tired of brow beating Taxi drivers & waiting for Godot( I mean a bus ).So walked home & very pleasant it was too.

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Bob Marley
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