Tuesday, July 19, 2005


There is a person at work who I cannot stand.

She is the chosen one, who no matter what she does, always gets her way. When she worked in my team she constantly whinged about the hours she worked & how she missed been home with her kids. Finally she handed in her notice & left the team. Only to be given a part time role that was created for her !!

Next thing I know she's been given a promotion to a full time supervisors role which includes longer hours. WTF happened to the kids ????
This lasted approx 10 months when once again the whinging about family began. Again she handed in her notice, only to have yet another part time role created for her in sales.

Now I know good people are always going to be held on to by a company, but our policy is one of advertising these roles to ALL employee's. Yet strangely not one of these positions was advertised within the organisation. If she was that good, what would be wrong with a little competition?

Oh, that's right, forgot to mention how close she is to the CS Manager, maybe that's where I have been going wrong !!! DUH !

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