Monday, July 18, 2005


I spent the weekend moving my Daughter in to a room of her own. No more sharing with Little brother ! It means that my studio is now in my room, but it is a small price to pay. Saturday was spent at my neighbour & landlord's house at a farewell party for him & his wife. They are retiring to Australia. It is estimated that approx 600 kiwi's a week leave these shores for Australia, can't say that the thought has ever crossed my mind to do this, moving here from the UK was enough for me.

I am often asked if I miss living in England. I have to say no. I have not in eight years of been in New Zealand felt one pang of homesickness. I miss friends but that is understandable, I do not however wish to return even for a visit. I like it here.

In February my Mother & father are coming out for their 4th visit, it will be great to see them again, although they will be more interested in spending time with the children than with me ! It will mean eight weeks of sleeping on whatever space is available,on the plus side it will mean eight weeks of my mothers home cooking !!

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Hi I'm coming out of the closet and I want all to know