Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The news from London at the start of my holiday reminded me of how tenuous our stay in this world can be. My heart & sympathies go out to those who have lost loved ones in this vile attack.

That does not however condone the actions of some misguided, halfwit, inbreds here in Auckland. Who took it upon themselves to attack 6 local Mosques in retaliation over the weekend.

Tolerance is a fragile thing to maintain, when attacks like the one in London occur. The funny thing is that not every Christian is a zealot & not every Muslim is a fundamentalist. Here in New Zealand most of our Muslim population have escaped from countries where their right to live their way has been denied.
They came to New Zealand because it is considered a tolerant country. All I can say in our defence is that not every Aucklander is a bigot.

The weekend was very wet so apart from a couple of walks to the village for supplies I did not venture out very much at all. Did manage to watch the All Blacks beat the Lions for a third time to take the series 3 zip. So now it is back to work & all the fun & games awaiting me there.

Listening to BBC World Service

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