Friday, May 13, 2005


Another hectic week passes,once again I risk life & limb on the roads in Auckland. Yesterday morning on the way to work I stopped behind a line of traffic, only to be disturbed by a screeching of tyres behind me. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw a set of headlights looming closer & then veering to the left missing me by inches. I needed a change of trousers when I saw the headlights belonged to a truck.

In another world it was sad to see The Blues exit the Super 12 without making the playoffs. However, their season has been abysmal & some serious rethinking is needed for next year. With the Super 12 nearly over, it is time to look forward to the arrival of The Lions. This is gonna be huge & we are all looking forward to the 3 test matches coming up. Go the All Blacks !

Looking forward to a quiet weekend without children, nothing to do except go for walks, read & play music....bliss...

Listening to everything.

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