Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Got in my car to travel home from work last night to be greeted by the shocking news on the radio, that the government had received a letter from an individual, claiming to have released foot & mouth disease on Waiheke Island off the coast from Auckland.

WTF ! A large chunk of our economy relies on agriculture, what were they thinking ? The report said that the letter also contained a threat to release the disease on the mainland, if the demands for money & tax reforms were not met. I hope that this is a hoax & that the perpetrators are caught. It would then be perfectly reasonable in my opinion to throw their stupid asses in jail for at least 20 years. I have lived through outbreaks of this disease in England, the devastation to livestock is sickening. I remember watching TV footage of thousands of sheep, cows & pigs been burnt, then bulldozed on Salisbury plain, as the authorities struggled to contain this virulent disease. It seems that not even living on an Island in the Pacific can save you from madmen with an agenda.

On a lighter note we are in to New Zealand music month which kicked off 2 weeks back. It is great to get behind local artists & support them.

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