Monday, May 16, 2005


Banks, a necessary evil of modern life & here in New Zealand an industry holding the population to ransom.. Am I the only one who thinks that a country that only owns one of its National Banks is wrong?

Here we accept that all the rest are based in Australia & happily part with our money for charges that are in my opinion disgraceful. Here in New Zealand we pay for withdrawals from other banks ATM’s, we pay charges on our accounts even if in credit, we pay on our savings accounts, it never ends. Every month I am confronted with bank charges that are listed using the banks jargon so that you have no idea what they are for, I even suspect they change on a monthly basis to protect the guilty.

AN example of these charges are:

O/L Bank Mth Fee 1.00
Online Dc Fee 0.25
Auto Txn Fee 17.25
Monthly A/C Fee 3.00
A/P Load/Amend 3.75
Other Bank ATM Fee 0.50

However, try contacting a bank to get an answer on any thing to do with your account & you will suffer their concept of “Customer Service “.

The process goes like this…

Call the National Toll free number, to be greeted by the hold message for their queue.

Wait 20 minutes until a person answers.

Ask that person to transfer you to the branch where your account is so you can speak to your “ Personal Banker “.

Hold for another 5 minutes while some at your branch answers.

Ask to speak to your “ Personal Banker “

Be advised that this person has left the bank around 2 months ago & that your new “ Personal Banker “ is called *******

Ask to speak to ****** only to be told they are away from their desk today.

Ask if there is anyone there who can make a decision on your account right now.

Get told no only your “ Personal Banker “ can make those decisions.

Slam the phone down & open an account at Kiwi Bank.

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