Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I heard Def Leppard’s “Love Bites “ on the radio this morning as I stared blankly at the number plate in front me. It always reminds me of an ex girlfriend who to say the least was psychotic.

It had been a great evening and I was drinking with her & friends at a local night club. According to her I spent too long chatting to the bar attendant ( someone who I was friends with ). The argument started on the way home, which was literally a walk around the corner from the club.

It grew in intensity until, I was standing in front of a shelf full of cassettes in my kitchen, she was throwing coffee mugs at me, I knew she was missing because I could hear the crunch of the plastic cassette cases in my ears.

Eventually the supply of coffee mugs ran out & things got ugly, fuelled by the green eyed monster, she grabbed a carving knife & lashed out at me. Stupidly I grabbed the blade with my hand & very nearly lost my thumb. I did manage to redecorated the kitchen wall red however.

She lunged again & fell on top of me, this time the blade of the knife pierced my shoulder.

I had never in my life hit a woman until that evening, I lashed out as she tried to stand & hit her on the jaw, she was so shocked she dropped the knife. The police arrived after a call from the neighbor's & dumbass that I am, I stated that I had cut my hand on the broken crockery. The way they asked questions was with a suspicion that suggested they felt I was the guilty one.

I spent the night at casualty getting stitched up & slept with a wardrobe jammed against the door. Love bites indeed.

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