Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I went to see the manager of our brokerage yesterday. The meeting was to set up an opportunity for me to work over there a couple of hours a week to get a feel for life as a customs broker.

I have known this manager a long time & we have worked on a few projects together so the conversation between us was quite open.

I was stunned with what he said when the conversation turned to my trying to gain a transfer to his team. It seems that they prefer to hire people from within my company, as they already have experience of our systems & terminology. However, my own head of department was making it so difficult for people to transfer that they had given up on internal promotions.

Now I am not one to hold a grudge but WTF ! This is a manager who has turned me down for promotion within her deparment 3 times over the years !! Now I discover that she is making it impossible for me or anyone to transfer out !!! What kind of development programme is that !!

I have decided to allow my company to pay half of my tuition fee's as I work towards becoming a broker. Once achieved, if they do not want to make full use of their investment, more fool them. By the way I start learning next week....

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