Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I am composing this little missive from my ex wife's keyboard.
( Who from now on will be referred to as " H ").

First thing I want you to know is that the earing wannabe is now pierced. Yes that's right, Caits is now the proud owner of a pair of sapphire studs... Sapphire ??

What I wanted to register out here in cyber space is the little drama unfolding in the USA right now about a persons right to life.

I don't want to mention the specifics of the news story because I do not want to join the media feeding frenzy. But I do want to say that after watching both my grandparents waste away from debilitating diseases, I would not wish that fate on anyone.

My last encounter with my grandmother was on her death bed. I was her first born grandchild and as such shared a special bond with her. She drew me close & whispered to me that she was " Fed up " . That is a Yorkshire euphemism for " I have had enough ". What she meant to me was that she wanted to die with some dignity, rather than been kept alive because modern science could do that. Science does things because it can, it never asks " Should we ? "

When I am old & grey, when my joints are stiff & my back is bent.. As long as I can say my name, remember my grandchildren; I want to stay alive.

When my brain has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer be creative...pull the plug.. PLEASE !!!

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