Friday, March 18, 2005


So the week passes, my Blog has not been updated, Dave Allen dies, St Patrick's Day is gone. Well to be honest it has been a tough week workwise, as we build up to the chaos of Easter. There are two full on busy times in the freight industry. The obvious one at Christmas & then there's Easter.....

It is like the whole world wakes up 2 weeks before & thinks to itself,
" Shit! Only 14 days to go to Easter, I must send that shipment I have been putting off all year ! " Go figure..

I can cope with the stress, in fact I love it.. I can cope with irate clients; I welcome the challenge. What I cannot cope with are the inadequacies of fellow employees, they sabotage my work from the inside.

Here is an example that happened Yesterday..

Client called to advise me his shipment had been held by us as it had the wrong address on it.

I went to our Airport Gateway & personally found his shipment. Re addressed it & handed it to ground operations for delivery before noon.

I checked the shipment status at noon & was horrified to find it had not moved !
I again went to the gateway & located the thing in a pile of freight scheduled for delivery on Monday ! WTF !!

I gave it to another ground operations person to arrange an under 1 hour courier delivery.

I checked the shipment again at 15.00 imagine my complete elation to find it was still in our gateway !!! FFS !!

I called the client explained exactly what I had done & how it had gone so horribly wrong.. He slammed the phone down on me.

Clown Shoes.

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