Monday, February 21, 2005


Well time is running out before I have to leave my house & I still have not found anywhere. I would say this is cutting it fine but I refuse to panic. I have looked at quite a few properties but non have that certain something I want.

My ex is away in Europe at the moment so I have the children over, it is going to be interesting moving house with them helping………

I helped the flatmate out of the house over the weekend, as all the people she had asked to help her, did not show up. It was lucky I had decided not to go in to work on Saturday as she would have been on her own.
Why do people commit to helping & then not show up ? Wouldn’t it be easier to just say no ?

Beats me.

Does anyone else work to such tight last minute deadlines ?

Anyway gotta go I have to look at another potential home.

Listening to

Jeff Beck
The Clash
Greg Johnson

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