Thursday, January 06, 2005


I was cut up on the way to work this morning. When my anger had subsided, I started thinking about Kiwi driving habits & the dumb things I have seen them do when out in their cars.
such as......

1 It is a rule in New Zealand that you MUST drive no further than 20 cms ( approx 8 inches) from the vehicle in front of you. Especially on the motorway & especially at speeds exceeding 40 KPH ( approx 25 MPH).

2 Never let anyone in to moving traffic from a slip road. EVER. It is a sign of weakness.

3. When approaching a roundabout get confused & give way to ALL traffic.

4. It is compulsory to overtake any vehicle in front of you at whatever risk. Once you have done this SLOW DOWN.

Feel free to add your own pet hates. To wrap up here's a picture for you, I saw a woman in her car the other day, smoking a cigarette while at the same time attempting to talk on her cell phone & drive, however this does not beat the father I saw driving with his 2 year old sat in his lap holding the wheel. Words fail me......

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Radmila said...

How about those people who insist on staying in the exit lane, in order to pass traffic and butt into the left lane holding up all the people who legitimately want to get off the highway.

I hate them.

I also hate the people who sit at a red light in the left lane and wait until it turns green to put their left turn signal on.

Anonymous said...

As a pedestrian it really gets up my nose when drivers don't indicate just because there are no other cars on the road - I need to know if they are going to turn where I am walking too....!

Harriet - Chaotic Clarity