Sunday, January 09, 2005


Have you ever wondered where all the Managers go on Friday afternoons???
It is easier to find rocking horse droppings than a Manager on a Friday!!
I took a general CS call last week & the guy was very angry, nothing I could say or do would make him happy. So he asked to speak to a Manager, I found the only person available, The Contact Team Manager who I asked to take the call.
His exact words were " I can't take it I'm busy !! " WTF !!!??
Stupidly I always thought that the customer came first. DOH!!

The weekend was a quiet one no children laughing & shouting around the place.Unfortunately the Muse didn’t visit either so any writing of music was not an option.Reading & listening have been the order of the 2 days rest. I did however venture out to buy books & get a VERY short haircut.

Spoke to the kids on Sunday, Caits wants to get her ears pierced, I have said OK in principle depending on her behavior & school report. So picking up on this, Josh my 5 yr old decided he wanted his ear pierced! I declined after much laughter but I have dug an old ear ring of my own out to wear next time I see him! That oughta throw him!!

Listening to:
Greg Johnson
The Killers
The Datsuns

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