Monday, December 20, 2004

WTF !!??

Picture this: New Zealand ; summer,Hailstones all weekend & single digit temperatures.
WTF ?????
We have a person leaving our team, one person away sick until at least 15/01 possibly longer & two people away on vacation every day until the end of January. Will we get a temp to help with the workload ??? It is under review
WTF ?????
In another world , I still have writers block only now its changed to BIG Block. Which left not a lot to do this weekend except adopt strategies for Big Block. I mean the weekend with no children & weather bad enough to keep you indoors. It's got to be music right ??? Wrong. Along comes Big Block to let you know that you will have to read books & listen to music by people who do not have block !!! Gah !!

Listening to Snow Patrol, Radiohead, U2, Kraftwerk, David Sylvian, Bill Nelson, Weather Report.

Also drinking anti block wine, yeah !!