Thursday, December 16, 2004


We are racing towards the relative calm of Xmas eve like a derailed train.
Every client I speak to has a tone of voice that gives away the fact they are close to losing it. I love this stress, the days fly by & you never have a chance to even feel bored or think about home time.

At this time of year the freight industry should be renamed the FRIGHT industry.

My flatmate is still pissed off & sulking from the other night, she managed to call me on my direct dial a total of 15 times today, no doubt wanting to throw some more abuse my way. The beauty of caller ID is that all of her calls have remained unanswered !

Last night was my teams Xmas dinner, we had this in the Sky tower in downtown Auckland. It was great to be together & spend time talking instead of dealing with freight delays. The only letdown was the crappy service we endured. Still as we are a get go bunch it didn't take long to politely & firmly whip the manager in to shape & have our table set in record time. After having previous experience working as a manager in catering I feel for the staff at this time of year, if the customers aren't complaining they are drunk & offensive you have my sympathy.....

Listening to
Rolling Stones " 40 Licks "
Regurgitator " Unit"

try this for those worrying real life customer thingies

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