Monday, December 06, 2004

Pay your Dues

Conversation with customer ....

Him " why is my freight not delivered ? "

Me " Well, it has been stopped by New Zealand Customs "

HIM " Why ? It has no value ?"

Me " Your paperwork states 100kgs of CD's with a total value of $10.00 !"

HIM " That's correct"

Me " NZ Customs are holding this until you provide another more accurate declaration of the value of these goods"

HIM " They can't do that I need these goods today, you tell them to release it now"

Me " They can do that, if you don't cooperate they will seize the goods & destroy them"

HE SLAMS phone down.

Why do people think that they can send anything anywhere & not have to declare goods & pay their taxes ? There was the case of the shoe trader who one week imported crates of left footed shoes for display only, then of course, the next week crates of right foot only shoes arrive ... NZ Customs drilled holes through the heels of all of them, they were after all display only !
Simple message : Pay your taxes, like the rest of us.

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