Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Brief History 101

Last night the kids came to stay.

I have a son & daughter from my previous marriage.
Let me set the record straight here, not all divorced fathers run away & want nothing to do with their offspring. I get on great with my ex & can have access to our children anytime I want. I support them & cover for my ex partners frequent business trips overseas.

It wasn't always like this, when we first exploded apart after 10 years of marriage, the only way we could communicate was by e-mail ( there is no real emotion in text) gradually, the hurt, the blame were put aside & we became friends again. The one good thing from all this was, that the children were never used as pawns in our nasty emotional war.

It now means that our children have good times with both of us & although they don't have a traditional family they do have all the benefits of both parents in their lives.

Listening to The General Electric by Pacifier.

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