Sunday, December 05, 2004

This must be the place

Well here we are & looks pretty simple to me.
to begin :

I am a resident of New Zealand
I was not born here
I work in the freight industry
I was married
I have a son
I have a daughter
I am a musician
I share rented accomodation
I have no pets
I read a lot
I listen to a lot of music
I love New Zealand

Well thats got some basic facts out of the way so we can concentrate on something else.

The freight industry is not for the faint hearted, panic stricken or laidback.
Everything is last minute, missed flights, need it yesterday, its now too late ,what the hell is going on !! You need a strong stomach to put up with some of the shit that happens.
Guess thats the same for a lot of us working for a living in whatever industry, but something about waiting for deliveries really seems to stoke the fires of hatred in customers. Love it !

You will become aquainted with this over time.

I have lived in New Zealand's North Island for 7 years, I love it here, I can think of no better place to be or to raise children. No matter where you live you are no more than an hour away from the ocean, it could be the wild west coast with it's black sand beaches & pounding surf. You could be on the east coast with its azure sea & golden sands. Either way it is as we say out here a " Slice of Heaven".

My family is important to me, been around them is the best time well spent, better than playing live to a packed venue & thats saying something. So thats the first tentative steps of this blog. Stick around stay tuned, you never know whats around the corner !

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