Sunday, December 26, 2004

Beat The Block

Well that's Christmas over with for another year !
I got to see the children last night which was great, they took about a nano second to reduce my carefully wrapped presents to a pile of torn paper & empty boxes. They seemed happy enough with my choices though.

As for me, the 25th was spent in bed until 11.00 am, recovering from the most evil hangover imaginable. So much so, that I didn't touch a drop for the rest of the day !! As my flatmate was working, I indulged in all the goodies in the fridge & watched DVD after DVD as Kiwi TV sucks. Then came the evening & it was time to start calling friends & family overseas, quite a selection this year ranging from Australia to the UK. Everyone was well & seemed to be in the same state I was in the previous evening !

Before the children arrived on the 27th I managed to finally beat the block !! Yay !!!
I spent the morning recording bass & drums for a new track Oh joy to be writing again.... I just HAD to open a bottle of chardonnay in celebration !!

Listening to Danny Elfman, Stellar*, Shihad, Curve, Chemical Brothers.

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