Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crystal Gazing


Sorry, but no way can  I allow access other than to this link. Americans feel we are not allowed grown up toys.

Here is a clip of Ultravox at Reading in 1978. The very same year I saw them at Wakefield Unity Hall...A brilliant evening, one of those where.... I saw how the future of music lay... Here was a band juxtaposing electric guitars with synths..mixing drums with drum machines a good 18 months before the Human League & "Don't you want me " ( an album I confess I also love .. for different reasons..). You have to remember this was Ultravox's THIRD album, they had been ploughing this furrow a long time ( Nice use of non electronic similes ) enjoying the fruits of their labour when Foxx left & Midge Ure joined straight from "Rich Kids" !Leaving Foxx free to record the seminal " Metamatic " . An album that DJ's & Musicians now quote as inspiring.

Back to the past ..It was a great evening, one of those people there with me, I am hoping to lure back in to the studio, I want to record a solo by all the lead players I have worked with in those halcyon days of Thatcher and the compulsory grey clothing we were fitted with, matched to the outlook for the working class.This will take a long time because I have to write enough things for them to fill.....they are worse than ballerinas..second only to vocalists..but I have that slot covered, care of Sueit, Grabbit & Runne.

Enjoy Mr Foxx before Ultravox became predictable......

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